YCL is always in need of volunteers throughout the summer to take care of the many tasks involved in providing a clean and attractive facility. Landscaping, painting, preparing the grounds and facilities before any camps are scheduled, routine maintenance and repair of toilets, showers, and sinks are tasks that seem to always be a part of the life of the camp. We have a Facilities and Grounds Committee, chaired by Pastor Don Funk, that prioritizes the projects and coordinates the workers who complete those projects. If you have an interest in volunteering to help, contact Pastor Don Funk by phone at (574) 835-3419 or by Email at donaldifunk@gmail.com.

YCL also relies on volunteers to take care of the many activities involved in the conduct of the activities during the various youth camps and youth activities during the camping season. Each year we need volunteer camp directors for each of the following scheduled camps or activities:

  • Tadpole
  • Kid Zone
  • Junior High
  • Senior High
  • Camp Blast
  • Youth at Camp Meeting
  • Children at Camp Meeting
  • Back-to-School-Bash

Besides volunteers as Camp Directors, we also are in need of volunteers to help with the following during the camping season:

  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance
  • Kitchen Help
  • Craft Room Coordinator
  • Sports Director
  • Worship Leaders
  • Waterfront Assistant
  • Registration/Office Help

For further information about serving as a volunteer during any of the camps or activities contact Lindsay Witwer by Email at thewitwers@yahoo.com or by phone at (574) 210-5785.